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Waxing Poetic

Nepenthe Pendant

Nepenthe Pendant

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Forget your sorrows, and let your cares be dispersed by the fiery light of this agéd sun. Brassy geodes of light emanate out of a solid brass dome, edged in a coiled sterling silver band. This daystar’s watchful eye peers cheerfully through the lucid glow of a large crystal, encircled by carvings of oxidized rays. Could it be the most important thing we can remember, is to let ourselves forget? Forgetting, itself, is a part of memory. It is the way in which our minds sift, setting aside the staggering volume of daily happenings from memories to treasure. Named after the potion used in ancient times to induce forgetfulness, the Nepenthe Pendant will clear the distractions, increase concentration and creativity, and make note of only that which is most dear.

Brass, Sterling Silver & Kristal Crystals



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