• Titian

    Titian loves all things sparkle and shine! She is the resident trend finder and cool brand sourcer at Side Lines. Titian's passion for custom jewelry stretches over 35 years, and her journey at Side Lines began as a junior in high school. She has a talent for finding the beautiful piece hidden among the scattered bits of beads and metal. If you have a piece of heirloom jewelry that is past its prime, Titian is the best in the business at reinventing vintage pieces into unique beauties. In her spare time, Titian loves reading about cryptid creatures and all things spooky.

  • Enga

    Lady Enga of the Village has been head of security at Side Lines for over three years now. Born and raised right here in English Village, Enga takes protecting the ladies of Side Lines very seriously. Enga is laser focused on her work, and even refuses pets while she is on the clock. Enga tried her paws at making jewelry a few times, but the lack of opposable thumbs really slowed her down. She may not help make the jewelry around here, but you might hear her meow of approval if she really likes your necklace.

  • Katy

    Katy has created beautiful handcrafted jewelry for over ten years. She loves working with her family here at Side Lines, and she draws bursts of inspiration from random color combinations. Katy is obsessed with designing jewelry to match her client’s style, and creating beautiful jewelry is her passion. In her spare time, Katy is a connoisseur of all things gummy worm and the living embodiment of “lake life”.

  • Traci

    Traci is the newest sister to the Side Lines family. Traci has always had a love of jewelry, but this self proclaimed nerd has thrown herself into learning all things Side Lines. Her favorite jewelry is anything edgy with an architectural feel. Traci makes sure that our live sales and social media are always up and running. Traci enjoys spending time with her expansive collection of houseplants and regaling the Side Lines team with her latest random fact.

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